Lexis Back Office powered by PCLaw

Lexis Back Office practice-management software provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for time tracking, legal accounting, trust accounting, billing and more in one integrated package. Lexis Back Office can help your firm manage your books more efficiently, expedite your billing process and enhance overall practice management. 


Lexis Back Office powered by PCLaw and earlier versions combine to constitute the most widely used law firm back-office management system in North America. Lexis Back Office streamlines your back office and dramatically reduces time spent on tracking time and fees, creating bills, writing checks, managing client trust funds and more.

Capture more billable hours and expenses

Lexis Back Office powered by PCLaw helps ensure that you record and bill every minute you spend on a case. Flexible tools allow you to track time from your desktop using Microsoft® Outlook®, Lexis® Front Office powered by Time Matters® or LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage™.

Manage client billing more efficiently

Lexis Back Office expedites the billing process with flexible and easy-to-use billing that is designed for law firms. You can bill matters individually or en masse, customize bill formats and designs, and choose to bill by matter, client, responsible lawyer, type of law and more.

Ease concerns over trust accounting and compliance with regional rules

Lexis Back Office helps take the anxiety out of managing trust accounting by reliably recording trust receipts and checks by matter. Built-in safeguards help ensure you do not overdraw on clients’ accounts, and reports easily track all trust accounting for individual matters.

Enable time tracking on the go

With Lexis Back Office you can capture time when working out of the office on laptops, home computers or PDAs and easily transfer information to Lexis Back Office for billing.

Improve cash flow and get paid faster

Lexis Back Office helps you get your bills out faster, allowing you to collect outstanding balances promptly. Aged receivables reports detail which clients owe you money and allow you to track notes that can be used in collection efforts.

Better analyze your firm’s performance

Lexis Back Office provides on-the-fly financial and productivity reports by client, lawyer, type of law and matter to help you make more informed business management decisions.


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