LexisNexis has assembled a powerful software portfolio to help you with most of your legal technology needs.  Whether it’s organizing your data to make case information more easily accessible, help with efficiently keeping track of your billables and getting your monthly bills out, or automating the creation of customized legal documents, LexisNexis has the software you need to help your practice become more efficient and profitable.

Practice Management - this type of software has evolved from simple contact management (Outlook, Act, GoldMine) into what is now the cornerstone software of the modern law firm. Practice Management software helps bring together in a single program all the data you work with on a daily basis.  It helps you manage and organize all your day-to-day information and documents by client and matter with centralized scheduling, legal document management, global search capability, conflict checking and more.  Time Matters is considered the leading software program in this category wining numerous awards including both the Technolawyer Award and Law Technology News Award for Best Case/Practice Management software.

Time & Billing - tracking time and billing is the lifeblood of the firm. While there are many programs that can accomplish this task, none seamlessly integrate into one database the way that Billing Matters and PCLaw do.  They help streamline your billing process by making the most of productivity and workflow tools, including a centralized billing and payables process manger.  These tools help you capture more of your billable time, get your monthly bills out timely, and run advanced billing reports.  Imagine being able to see how much the firm is owed and how much each associate billed, in less than a minute.

Document Assembly - the ability of a program to take information from an existing database or from your answer to some questions has always been an elusive goal for many firms. Now with the use of HotDocs, this dream has become a reality.

eLaw Integration - for New York attorneys that want to automate their calendars, esquire has written an application that will pull the information available from eLaw and enter it automatically into your Time Matters calendar.

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