ETM eLaw Link

The ETM eLaw Link was developed by Esquire to allow firms to download information from cases on their eLaw eWatch list and have them added automatically to Time Matters. Now you can have peace of mind by no longer missing a court date. Automatically have all of your appearances automatically added to your Time Matters calendar.

Courts Supported

  • New York State Supreme Court: sixty-two Supreme Courts
  • New York Civil Court: all five New York Civil Courts
  • Federal District Courts: Eastern, Southern, Northern & Western Courts

Data Transferred

  • Case - Plaintiff, Defendant, "Friendly" Case Name, Case Status, Court Type, Disposition Date, Action Type, Damage Type, IAS Justice, IAS Justice Part, IAS Category, RJI Filing Date, RJI Type, RJI Part Number and Case Comments [TM CASE]
  • Appearances - Date, Type, Part, Judge, Comment, Action [TM EVENT]
  • Motions - Date, Relief Sought, Decision Date, Decision Type, Status, Decision Comment [TM EVENT]
  • Attorneys - Name and Party Represented [TM NOTE]


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