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Esquire is the leading legal technology consulting company specializing in LexisNexis® products. Whether it is Time Matters®; Billing MattersTM; PCLawTM or HotDocs® - we have the most certifications of any company in the country. Since 1995, we have helped hundreds of law firms, government agencies and corporate legal departments. We have been certified in every version of Time Matters and Billing Matters ever released.

It is crucial in today's competitive legal market to have the right tools to compete with other law firms. Time Matters, Billing Matters, PCLaw and HotDocs are those tools. LexisNexis has built a software portfolio of the best of breed in the legal technology marketplace. Lexis Front Office powered by Time Matters for practice management; Lexis Back Office powered by PCLaw or Billing Matters for time, billing and accounting; and HotDocs for document automation.

Choosing the right software is only half of the equation - finding the right consultants is crucial in making sure you get the most out of your investment. Our job is to develop a system to allow the software to meet the individual needs of your firm. Proper planning, detailed implementation, comprehensive training and prompt follow-up support are essential in a successful software project.

There are many companies that "know computers" and there are many firms that "know the practice of law," but there are a rare few that know both equally well and have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly bring them together to help make an organization operate more efficiently and profitable. With five attorneys on staff we know the unique issues law firms face on a daily bases and are able to ask you the right questions to help tailor a system to meet your needs. Your clients place their trust in you and we ask that you place your trust in us to help your firm with all of your technology needs.



Esquire's CEO Bill Dertinger was voted The TechnoLawyer Legal Technology Consultant Of The Year!

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